Tuesday, February 14, 2017


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This past fall when my oldest daughter started school it inspired me to get a little more organized with the crafts and projects that we do. About that same time I came across the wonderful blog Simply Learning on Instagram and was inspired to start using the books we already had to facilitate learning in a more organized way. We started off using the wonderful tot school printables available from Kaitlyn and those have been invaluable.

After Christmas I decided to start using the tot school projects as a jumping off point. I noticed that even though we have a large and varied collection of books we tended to read the same books over and over. While I think it's great that the girls have their favorites I really wanted to expose them to the other neglected books on our shelf. So, I started what I've begun to call our featured books of the week.

At the beginning of each week a book is introduced as the book of the week. I use this book to plan the "activities" (as the girls like to call them) we will do through out the week. I also select several other books with some connection to the book of the week. Last week our book of the week was Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you hear?I also put out The Little Polar Bear, National Geographic Big Book of Animals, and Maps We use these other books to expand our knowledge and understanding of the main book. It's worked really well and through out the week I often find the girls "reading" these books that have been sitting on our shelf unnoticed.

I recently started documenting our activities on my personal Instagram and I've really loved sharing. So, I thought why not do more and kick start my personal blog again. So, in the future I plan to create a weekly round up of the activities we do through out the week with resources for anyone who might be inspired to give it a try. I'm also planning to do some children's book reviews and maybe even some crafting content. So, please stay tuned!

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